MARCH 2020
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Awards & Achievements
Grant received to launch a cutting-edge research project on women’s oral health in mainland China

Professor Lijian Jin, Modern Dental Laboratory Professor in Clinical Dental Science and Clinical Professor in Periodontology, has recently received a grant with a sum of HKD3.28 M from the Shenzhen Science & Technology Innovation Commission - Shenzhen/Hong Kong Innovation Circle Programme, via HKU Mainland Research Projects Office. The grant will be used to launch a 2-year project entitled "Women's Oral/Periodontal Status and Related Mother-Infant Health: Metagenomics - and Ramanomics based Assessment of Microbiome & Clinical Applications".

The project will be probably the first ever study in China to investigate a broad spectrum of oral microbiome and related systemic conditions and responses in pregnant mothers and newborn babies, in close collaboration with Dr Jilong Yao's team from Shenzhen Maternity & Child Healthcare Hospital and colleagues from Chinese Academy of Sciences. This pioneering study may lead to the establishment of novel health management programme for precise prevention and personalized healthcare in women and children.

The committed team led by Professor Jin as the principal investigator aims i) to assess the oral microbial profiles and related systemic responses in pregnant women with various oral/periodontal (gum) health status, as well as the corresponding microbiomes in their newborns; ii) to identify the characteristic biomarkers via the cutting-edge metagenomic and Ramanomic approaches; and iii) to predict the potential risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes and thereby enhance healthcare for mothers and newborns.

Professor Jin is delighted to receive the grant, he said, "the American Academy of Periodontology made professional recommendations and guidelines of periodontal healthcare for the pregnant women as far back as 2004. However, at present, there are no well-established national guidelines and schemes for promoting oral/periodontal health and care of women and their newborn babies. This new project gives us a great opportunity to further investigate the close link of oral/periodontal status with systemic health during the crucial period of prenatal care, pregnancy and postnatal lactation."

He further mentioned that identifying the dynamic profiles of oral microbiomes and related systemic responses in pregnant women via profoundly analysing saliva and other body fluids, can be beneficial for health monitoring and yet help evaluate the potential risks of adverse outcomes. The multidisciplinary team wishes to generate new scientific evidence and contribute to establishing the integrated framework of precision oral healthcare for general health and wellbeing of women and children in China and beyond.

Faculty members selected as recipients for the IADR Awards

Due to the COVID-19, the 98th General Session of The International Association for Dental Research (IADR) in Washington, D.C. USA from 18 to 21 March, 2020 has been cancelled. Although the Faculty members are unable to attend the session, some of them were selected as recipients of IADR awards.

IADR Centennial Emerging Leaders Award

In recognition of his achievements in the advancement of dental, oral and craniofacial research, Dr Waruna L Dissanayaka, Research Assistant Professor in Biomedical and Tissue Engineering, won the Centennial Emerging Leaders Award.

The IADR, in celebration of its Centennial, launched the IADR Centennial Emerging Leaders Award to recognise young investigators "who will help guide the next century of discovery and innovation in the field of dental, oral and craniofacial research across the globe".

Dr Dissanayaka said he felt "honoured to have his work recognised by a prominent organization like IADR". He expresses his gratitude to his mentors and collaborators for the support and guidance. He is also thankful to Professor Zhang, Chengfei, Clinical Professor in Endodontics and Professor Professor Matinlinna, Jukka Pekka, Professor in Dental Materials Science who have been encouraging him and recommended him to IADR.

IADR Lion Dental Research Award

Dr Nadeem Bijle, PhD student in Paediatric Dentistry was a recipient for the 2020 IADR Lion Dental Research Award for Oral Health Research. This award was for the accepted abstract oral presentation entitled "A novel synbiotic-fluoride synergism for restoring oral ecological homeostasis". This is the first time that a member from the Faculty is winning the Award for Oral Health Research. Dr Bijle is delighted to receive the honour and he is thankful to his supervisor, Professor Cynthia Yiu, Clinical Professor in Paediatric Dentistry for her guidance and support. In addition, he would also like to thank his co-supervisors: Professor Edward Lo, Professor, Chair of Dental Public Health and Dr Manikandan Ekambaram, Senior Lecturer in Paediatric Dentistry from the University of Otago.

IADR KULZER Travel Award

With the project title "Synthesis and characterisation of fluoridated silver nanoparticles and its potential as a non-staining anti-caries agent", Xiaoxue Yin, PhD Candidate in Cariology, won the IADR KULZER Travel Award. She is glad to know the news and she sincerely appreciates the support from her supervisor Professor CH Chu, Clinical Professor in Cariology and co-supervisors Professor QL Li, Dr ML Mei and Dr IS Zhao.

IADR/Colgate Research in Prevention Travel Award

From Paediatric Dentistry, Dr Zhou Li's presentation on "A novel hydroxyapatite-binding antimicrobial peptide phosphoserine-histatin 5 for caries prevention" won the IADR Colgate Research in Prevention Travel Award. "I feel so excited when I received the email from IADR." said Dr Li. She thanks the supports and guidance from her primary supervisor Dr Gloria Wong and co-supervisor Professor Quan Li Li. "They are always kind and patient for my research. Without them, I would not have this opportunity to get this award."

Another recipient, Jingyang Zhang, PhD Candidate in Dental Public Health, has awarded with the IADR/Colgate Research in Prevention Travel Award with her project "Povidone Iodine and NaF Varnish versus Silver Fluoride in Preventing Root Caries." Zhang sends her gratuity to her primary supervisor, Professor Edward Lo, Professor, Chair of Dental Public Health, for his continuous guidance since her the first day of her PhD study. In addition, she would like to thank her co-supervisor, Dr Katherine Leung, Clinical Associate Professor in Prosthodontics, as well as Professor CH Chu, Clinical Professor in Cariology and Professor May Wong, Professor in Dental Public Health who had built the project. The research team’s effort is also appreciated.

Kudos to the abovementioned winners! The Faculty wish to see more members to shine locally and internationally.

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Faculty News
Overseas Exchange

Representing the University of Hong Kong, Dr James Tsoi, Assistant Professor in Dental Materials Science attended the International Collaborative Symposium on "Development of Human Resources in Practical Oral Health and Treatment" from 10 to 12 February 2020 at Bali, Indonesia.

During the symposium, Dr Tsoi presented "Out-of-classroom learning for HKU dental students – International Capstone Experience".

To learn more about the symposium, please visit

Dr James Tsoi is giving his presentation

Dr James Tsoi receives certificate from organiser
DMS MOOC course

Digital Biomaterials MOOC by Dental Materials Science was launched on edX on 24 March 2020. Please visit: for course details.

To promote the course, HKU TeLi team had worked with the Faculty in filming the trailer which features Professor Matinlinna, Jukka Pekka, Dr James Tsoi (Assistant Professor) and Mr Ding Hao (PhD candidate) from Dental Materials Science. To view the trailer, please visit:

Project Video Shooting

The Faculty of Dentistry is launching a community engagement project which targets to prevent early childhood tooth decay in Hong Kong by delivering oral healthcare to over 180,000 pre-school children in kindergartens throughout the territory. This project is led by Professor Chu, Professor Yiu and Professor Lo. In a bid to promote and introduce the project, we are working on a video. Part of the project video shooting was taken on 5 March 2020 featuring Dean, Professor Thomas Flemmig who stated the knowledge exchange commitment of the Faculty; Professor CH Chu, Clinical Professor in Cariology who talked about the children oral health condition in Hong Kong, as well as Dr Conson Yeung, Dr Sherry Gao and Dr Kitty Chen, Clinical Practitioners in Cariology shared their in-school oral care experiences.

Want to know more about the project? Stay tuned with us!

Dean charms the production crew

Professor Chu requests few times of re-take! Such as perfectionist!

Dr Conson Yeung speaks well in front of the camera
Dr Kitty Chen (right) and Dr Sherry Gao are in-born presenters that they only need one-take!
TPG Admissions Ready Online

HKU taught postgraduate programmes admissions are now open for online application. The Faculty of Dentistry offers Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) Degrees and professional Advanced Diplomas which build on the MDS Degrees. Many of these programmes fulfil the specialist training requirements of dental specialties of the College of Dental Surgeons of Hong Kong of the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine.

Professor Cynthia Yiu, Associate Dean (Taught Postgraduate Education), said "Our professoriate and teaching staff are international both by origin and academic background, many of whom are highly recognized experts in their domain in the world. We also have highly-skilled dedicated manpower to assist learning."

Students can enjoy first-class teaching and learning facilities. Our upcoming state-of-the-art specialist dental clinic "The Institute for Advanced Dentistry-Multi-Specialty Clinic" will be opened for patient treatment by clinical Taught Postgraduate Students at year end.

To know more about the TPG and the admissions, please visit:

Easter E-card

The Faculty of Dentistry presents Easter E-card and wish you a safe, healthy and teeth-friendly Easter! You are welcome to forward to your friend and family:

Media Highlights

World Oral Health Day 2020

In order to support the 20 March World Oral Health Day (WOHD) the Faculty had run a small campaign to promote general oral health care on both social media and newspapers.

Date Media Topic Interviewee / Contributor
18 March AM730
Know more about WOHD Professor Wong, CM May,
Professor in Dental Public Health
18 March Medical Inspire
Advises public on how to brush teeth correctly and well use of oral care product & Why WOHD is on 20 March Professor Lo, Edward CM,
Professor, Chair of Dental Public Health

Professor Wong, CM May,
Professor in Dental Public Health
20 & 22 March Oriental Daily News,
Hong Kong Economic Times,
Sing Pao
(Interview/ press release)
Encourages public to develop good eating habits to prevent erosive teeth and to do dental check-up regularly. He also mentioned the safety protocol for dentists and demonstrated how to brush teeth correctly Professor Lo, Edward CM,
Professor, Chair of Dental Public Health

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Newspaper reports to support the World Oral Health Day 2020

Summary of Media Highlights from 16 February to 22 March 2020:

Column on AM730

Date Topic Contributor
19 February Oral health care of young people Professor Chu, CH,
Clinical Professor in Cariology
4 March Gum bleeding Professor Lo, Edward CM,
Professor, Chair of Dental Public Health
18 March Know more about Word Oral Health Day Professor Wong, CM May,
Professor in Dental Public Health

Column on Medical Inspire

Date Topic Contributor
16 February Introduction of Faculty of Dentistry Professor Chu, CH,
Associate Dean (External Relations) and
Clinical Professor in Cariology
18 March World Oral Health Day information, how to brush teeth correctly, and choose the right dental care products Professor Lo, Edward CM,
Professor, Chair of Dental Public Health
Professor Wong, CM May,
Professor in Dental Public Health

Column on Oriental Daily 「齒」生有你 : Due to the extensive media coverage on coronavirus, some pages were suspended, including the one with column. Publish date thus will be postponed until further notice.

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